Hey! My name is Shannon-Lee and I’m (only) 16 years old. I currently live and have grown up in East London. I created this blog somewhere in March 2015 to note down my journeys (I have a serious need to travel), talk about my experience with veganism, help people transition and hopefully write down some tasty vegan meals (for the clumsy, unexperienced new vegan)! There also may be some book and game reviews and tv related posts (I ship HARD!) as I am a serious book worm and nerd. My favourite game I play almost every day is League of Legends (add me- slthurston) although I’m not that good. Someday when I’m older I want to be a full time travel blogger – but that’s hopefully after I go to uni. My original dream job was to be a pilot however my dreams were sadly crushed when I learned that you actually need to be rich and have good sight eyesight *sigh*

You may see a lot of one particular person on this blog – my best friend who happens to be my mum! She is vegan too and we do most of the cooking together.

Why did I become vegan?

I first became a vegetarian February 2014 for ethical reasons after watching a documentary called Earthlings (thanks to Essena at http://www.essena.com.au). I wanted to become vegan straight away but my mum wouldn’t let me. Being vegetarian really didn’t help me to lose weight as instead of having meat on my plate I just added more cheese! I didn’t feel any different from when I was eating meat and I stayed the same weight. As of the beginning of March 2015, my mum insisted that we both go vegan for life. I researched a whole lot of recipes for us to cook (vegans don’t just eat lettuce! I was relieved to find out). I immediately began to feel the results of a vegan lifestyle. I felt much more energetic and suddenly healthier. I have had depression and anxiety since I was around 12 – going vegan weirdly made me feel happier. I felt like I was doing something really important just cutting out animal products. I haven’t weighed myself in over a year so I wouldn’t know exactly how much I lost and am still losing, but lets just say I was overweight (at my heaviest 64kg at my current height 5’5) and I’ve been gradually losing it all! I don’t think I’d ever go back eating dairy or meat after opening my eyes to the truth.  Being vegan means that I don’t eat/drink meat, dairy, fish, gluten (ground up animal bones) or gelatine (pig hooves). This may seem like a lot but there are actually a lot of substitutes out there. I have never worn leather, wool etc. and I am slowly transitioning into products such as makeup that haven’t been tested on animals.


Some great blogs/youtubes to check out:








The first place I’d ever travelled to was Ireland when I was a couple of months old. The last was Norfolk in the South East of England a couple of months ago, only a couple of hours drive away. Here are all of the places I have been to in red:

places i've been to

Sorry if I haven’t visited your country yet but I’m working on it!

You can find me on various social media sites (however I don’t have Facebook or Twitter. Yet?)

Instagram: shanleethurston

Tumblr: slthurston

Pinterest: pinterest.com/shanleethurston/

If you’d like to contact me my email address is: shannon_lee_thurston@yahoo.co.uk

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